Pages Help

Pages, the word processing component of iWork, may be a wonderful tool to use, but there will be times that it will bug down and provide you with headaches in the form of mild technical problems. Some of these problems may happen very rarely, but when they do, you may find it difficult to search for a clear resolution. So, it is with that notion in mind that I present this Pages Help post, hoping that it will someday bring you peace where there is only anguish.

Pages won’t Load

Pages and the whole iWork family are considered to be really stable apps. So, you it is highly unlikely that you will encounter the app not starting or loading up. Click on the icon and the app starts right up with no qualms. Now, what if it didn’t, and what if there was an error message saying that the applications Pages has just Quit or something to that extent. So, you restart the Mac and try again only to find the error is still there. So, what do you do?

Unfortunately, this type of problem has many causes and many solutions. It could have been caused by something you may have inadvertently deleted or some new app that may be conflicting with it. In some cases, your hard drive may be having issues or the actual version of the OS you are using needs some updating. Typically, the easiest way to do things is to remove the whole iWork package completely and do a clean reinstall. But before you do that, try to check your hard drive with the Disk Utility as the problem may merely lie with the drive. In some cases, you may even have to upgrade or update your OS as well as the entire iWork package to get things going. I would suggest doing the Disk Utility check first, then the iWork update. If it still doesn’t work, remove and reinstall. If it still doesn’t work, update your OS. Any of those solutions should work.

Pages doesn’t sync with iCloud

If the problem you are encountering has to do with iCloud and how iWork, particularly Pages won’t seem to sync properly with it, then don’t fret. There are number of solution readily available for any type of common issue you may be experiencing. Since these solutions will depend on your situation, it would be wiser to just provide you a link to the actual troubleshooting documentation. So, here it is – straight from Apple’s mouth.

Pages not Responding

If the issue you are facing is that Pages runs fine but appears to have entered a state of limbo – in other words not responding – then know that the issue is quite common. There have been many complaints about this problem, and almost always, the solution is to unplug peripherals that are connected to the Mac dock. This includes USB drives and flash disks as well as card readers. In most cases, the problem lies with the card reader or SD card slot. So, remove the reader or the SD card before running Pages, and then when everything is fine and dandy, reconnect the device or external storage.